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[Archive] Magi - Garvald's Efficacious Emulator

Postby Boneguard » Wed Sep 03, 2014 10:08 pm

Red_n_Dinger wrote:Hi guys,

This is our current version of a geomancy rune and description of it's creator. Have to admit we've already had some feedback and a bit of tweaking by Fifty but we'd love to know what everyone else thinks and get any feedback from you all.

Garvald's Efficacious Emulator

GPC V:20
Speed 2AA
Range Placement
Duration 2H+ (see text)
Defence PER/Aware
Damage -
Area Target
Signature Normal

When invoked this rune allows the caster to temporarily take on the appearance of another person.
The subject must be either very well known to the caster already, have been studied specifically for the purpose of emulation for at least 4 hours, or be inscribed with an active Magg's Miniature Marker rune.
The emulation layers the appearance of the subject over the casters' own, changing the appearance of height, weight and clothing and even altering vocal tones.
As the emulation only layers the appearance of the subject over the casters' own it is not foolproof, thus if the casters' own build, mannerisms or activities differ dramatically from the subject it may be considerably less effective and fail to stand up to close scrutiny.
The rune lasts for 2 hrs + 1/2 hr per additional GPC (chosen at time of imprinting) and gives the caster R3 Expertise: Disguise with a 30% bonus, but this needs only be tested under close inspection or if a viewer has some other reason to suspect something is amiss.

Garval Dun Edein eschews the company of other Raphaelians, choosing to live in solitude on the low flanks of the Worlds Keel. A mysterious figure, a fog of rumour surrounds him like the trees do his log and earth home.
Allegedly descended from Hutzunlur stock, during the day his tall frame can sometimes be seen walking or climbing in the mountains, his evenings, however, are all spent locked away in pursuit of new arcane knowledge.
Refusing comment on what exactly the subject of his research is, he is nevertheless well known to collect texts on all manner of unusual subjects, and to be willing to pay extremely well for them.
Rumour attests he funds this collection by employment as a paid assassin, certainly he is known to be cold, rational and have the capacity for remorseless violence if required. Its unsurprising therefore that there are few he calls friends, mainly heretic Pelosian academics and perhaps a merchant or two in the distant coastal cities.

fifty wrote:Nice work!! :)
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