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[Archive] Adventurers - Adventurer character - advice

Postby Boneguard » Wed Sep 03, 2014 10:20 pm

Gallowfire wrote:Hi guys - I've a couple of loose ideas that i'm toying with for characters - But with the already established examples don't want some thing too similar - I've read the earlier characters and like what I've read - Is it the intention to use the adventurer characters as starter player characters or just for inspiration for the book - and is there any traditional roles that would need to be filled that you would like to steer towards - like healer?

So Far -
Metier - WIP
Whitelander -
Fate Decides - (native dice rolling)
Family Background - Property
Childhood experiences - Guardian Angel
Recent Adventures - Rival

STR 5D20z3 - 51
AGL 4D20z3 - 56
Con 5d20z3 - 40
Per 5D20z3 - 39
Rsn 3D20z3 - 32
Int 3D20z3 - 41
Wil 4D20z3 - 37

I'll add to periodically but if anyone out there has some suggestions that would be great. :)

fifty wrote:Hi Gallowfire,

To clarify our 'preferred' position.

We'd really like it if the 'adventurers' produced an example range of characters.
If this also meant they were a workable PC party too that would be amazing!

So if you guys can work out some sort of balance.. you know.. like..

one person who can be the "healer" (be it Earthpower, Kirurgery, Healing skill or whatever).
one 'wizard' who specialises in Daemonology, Geomancy etc..
a couple of 'fighter' types - Duellists, Legionnaires, or Hutzlunr Raiders...
And of course the thief / bajo / Leonian pirate etc...

I know these are 'tropes/archetypes' of every other game out there, but I would like to show how these can fit with OT whilst also exemplifying a broader scale of options?

and to reiterate. this is only as preferred opinion . I'm easy! :D

Gallowfire wrote:From the stats I've rolled so far a martial character seams more suitable but I want to fill the gap of healer. It appears that the other adventurers are martial in nature sot to balance out Id want to keep the stats I've rolled but try and maximize his usefulness as a healer - if possible

Flyt Ulv (Flow-wolf)
Hutzlun - Wiseman Healer - Hermit -

Looks a little older than he actually is - well groomed, long dark hair tied back, beard short - and white under the chin with two distinct dark bands - thinking cross Sean Connery (Rising sun or medicine man with David Carradine - Kill Bill).

Flyt Ulv - likes company and is very social, however he has the reputation of being almost a recluse - as in his youth he was - not overlooked, but was second choice in becoming leader of the small Thorpe - through deliberate action he supported his best friend, and through deception which ensure his friends reputation remained intact resulted unforeseen complications. An Act of kindness that years later cost him not only the position of leader but also the loss of the woman he loved. A bitter decision that play's heavy on his mind especially now as his friend has changed from the person that Flyt would have protected and fought for, to a petty minded and hurtful individual - distrustful of Flyt's - honest caring, and selfless nature. Not being able to live within the small community Flyt has moved further East into the foot of the mountains with a mated pair of Keskers, where he lives gathers herbs for medicines and practices a form of Far Eastern martial art, which specialises in short knives, rapid punching techniques and deflections. A set of defenses that has become tailored to fighting on snow and ice so a few of the more agile movements are reserved for indoor fighting.

Flyt's guilt is directed inward and he realises that his own actions brought about his current situation. Realisation comes when the after a bout of illness and old age the female Kesker dies, in an absolute sign of loyalty the male sits and does not move from the graveside of his mate. Flyt unsuccessfully tries to coax and feed the un-respondent Kesker and finally, unable to sit and watch his only friend and companion give up and die packs up his things and leaves....

fifty wrote:Good stuff here! Looking forward to seeing how you flesh out with skill choices and such! :)
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