Anyone else running a game?

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Anyone else running a game?

Postby Boneguard » Thu Sep 04, 2014 12:09 am

shorty_monster wrote:I'm lucky enough to be part of a game that is being run by one half of the writing team - I'd say the more attractive one if I thought it'd get me an extra advancement point - every Tuesday at our local gaming club. I was just wondering if anyone else is running a game or has one in the pipeline? I'd love to know what kind of game you had in mind and how it shapes up.

348 White wrote:Like Shorty, I am also keen to hear about other campaigns.

Currently, as HUGS members know, I'm in Fifty's Orbis campaign, 'A Bitter Tide', as a player. I am keen to try run a few OT adventures in the 'off season', possibly with a view to getting a book of scenarios written , playtested and published. At the moment I'm working on two scenarios, one ideally set in Dromal and the other ( a reworking of one of my old Stormbringer adventures) can be set in any 'civilized' country, but will be written up for either Raphelia or Pelossia.

As my second Elric book never saw print as Mongoose prevaricated with the MM license, I am debating how to rewrite it if no one fields the dropped license. Outside the YK setting, Design Mechanism's RQ6 setting 'The Realm' features hign as a possibility. Though, who knows, it might yet end up in a remote northern corner of OT ?

348 White wrote:Like Shorty, I'd love to hear which forum members are starting to run or play games of OT.

My own list of OT ganes for play testing at HUGS or via OT forum is currently as follows ~

Conjectures and Conjunctions
Linked scenarios set in both 'civilized' and 'wilderness' environmemts. Probably located in Raphelia.

The Girl Kissed by Rainbows
Adventure based in civilized area of Dromal.

The Praxis' of Zareck
Remote, tropical island scenario.

The Children of Bliss
A temperate or tropical island mystery, with a variety of 'secrets' which can be chosen by the OM.

The Patriot
Frontier type adventure set in a Pelossian colony.
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