Which do you prefer?

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Which do you prefer?

Postby Boneguard » Thu Sep 04, 2014 12:14 am

fifty wrote:So we've a question to ask...

We're thinking about reworking how the 2-page culture intros are presented in the opening chapter.


Basically we've taken out the one column story bit, and added in more actual information about the culture.

The question is - do you like the change, or do you prefer as it was?

boneguard wrote:Tough to say. Both have their advantages (a glimpse of your vision of the culture VS more actual information).

I will need to think about it before voting.

fifty wrote:We do have other information about each culture spread throughout the rest of the core book too - I'll take snip samples of all the Battari stuff and post it here so you can see the full info on one culture as an example...

fifty wrote:This is the sample Battari bit that is going in chapter 12:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/bun9o7wf5frdm ... Battar.pdf

...we're doing similar for each culture (but not necessarily focusing on the same things).

Of course the religion bit will still be in separately, as will any patron points of interest that are part of the region.

boneguard wrote:Looks very nice and it does flesh out each Nation quite well.

Granted, I'm doing my fair share of Fanon Hutzlunr fleshing out with my additional material for Hraldarthorp and by extension Hutzlun.

Author Dan wrote:I think it rounds things out nicely (but I would, wouldn't I?) especially taken as a whole with Chapter One, Religion, and the sample adventures, all of which give you a lot of flavour (not to mention the patron contributions!) Of course, part of our raison d'être is to treat the whole book as the setting, so there's titbits about cultures and life on Uma scattered everywhere too - but 90% of it is in these chapters.

Obviously, any of us could write a tun more... But we don't want to crowd out every OM's own ideas or duplicate stuff you guys can basically think of quickly and easily yourselves, that's why its talking more about how to set a game in Battar than as a gazeteer of the place.

Anything you're crying out for? Anything we can lose?

Are those sample NPCs useful, for instance?
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