Tales of a young duelist.

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Tales of a young duelist.

Postby Boneguard » Thu Sep 04, 2014 12:19 am

shorty_monster wrote:The people in my game will know that I have been writing an in-character player diary based on the campaign that Dan is currently running for us. Player diary may not be that accurate at the moment though, as i find myself preferring to write in a long hand prose style, and what's been taking shape over the past few weeks is now closer to being the first draft of a novel I may one day write.

If you have any interest in such a thing, the latest episode has just gone up now, and it's a bit bloody massive. if you want to catch up, you can find all of the previous parts through this link.

shorty_monster wrote:And here we go again, with part seven just gone live. I hope at least a couple of you are liking this, and getting something from it about the kind of world Uma is.

shorty_monster wrote:Man, this one was fun to write. It's a shame I didn't get all of the conversations down, but I did my best to capture the important stuff. I think that this week's session was very much a turning point for Kantrel, and as long as he gets some medical attention, should be remembered as the start of his legend. Enjoy.

shorty_monster wrote:Game time tonight, and due to some issues with logging on, I'm only just able to put this up. Sorry to keep you waiting, but this one has a rude song in it too! Enjoy...

shorty_monster wrote:Some catching up to do here, as the forum hasn't let me log on for a few weeks. Our game has been carrying on though, so here are all the bits you've missed. Spoilers: I end up on fire for a while. As you do. But I got better.

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Right, that's everyone caught up. However, I'm wishing someone in our group could draw as well as Doc in the bitter tide game, as I'd love to see some drawings of our characters...

Author Dan wrote:I know. I am jealous.

Part 14 should be entitled "How I got 6 ranks of Basaedo skill and so immediately picked a fight with someone"

shorty_monster wrote:Damn right I did!

Oh, and here's part 14.

shorty_monster wrote:Part 15, in which we find out what happens when you manage to hit with a rank 9 critical, having 6 ranks in the skill, and then roll a 9 on the damage dice.

*Spoilers* Somebody doesn't enjoy it much *Spoilers*
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