New Armour

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New Armour

Postby Boneguard » Thu Sep 04, 2014 12:42 am

348 White wrote:Following item has been added to the draft of my scenario book:

Armour Area Weight P/S/B AAV
Steel Secret Head 1.1 5/7/3 5
Secret: The secret is a smaller and lighter version of the steel hardcap. It is typically worn concealed under civilian headwear, especially amongst the fashion conscious races of Dromal and Raphelia.

Not gone into pricing. I imagine it originated in Rhaphelia but is also made and sold in Battar, Dromal and Pelosia.

fifty wrote:Yep - I can definitely see the Raphaelian's licking such amour - and the Pyraxians too?

I wonder if such a piece of armour might be illegal in Pelosia, you know being viewed as 'going equipped' for nefarious deeds, sort of like being caught with a crowbar and a swag-sack at night. :)

348 White wrote:Historically they seem to have been most common in the 17th C. Typically worn by cavalry men who also wore hats. A few of the 'regicides' involved with the death sentence and execution of Charles I thought it a safe move to wear them as well. Some examples were actually shaped as felt hats , complete with metal brim, and given a dull black finish...Charles I himself wore one.
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