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Postby Fifty » Mon Sep 08, 2014 10:11 pm

Man! ...DT are a pain in the butt sometimes! ...I think they've really gone the extra mile to make setting up print files hard work!! :lol:

Still - I'm finally uploading the files for a BW interior, colour cover softback copy!

...annoyingly I need to completely reformat the files for a colour interior, including the cover file for that option... or if I want to do hardback I have to change the cover... and the interior specs again. etc, etc...

so basically any tweak I do of any little thing means all files need to be reformatted :shock:

Anyway - other than for a moan the reason I am posting is to garner what you guys think, should I go through the pain of offering hardback and colour interior options or just stick with as is?
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