Damage Adjustment and Missile weapons

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Damage Adjustment and Missile weapons

Postby Boneguard » Mon Sep 01, 2014 12:46 pm

fifty wrote:Does strength damage add to device fired attacks? ...as it reads that it does, but doesn't address that?

(Posted with permission, on behalf of Dean)

fifty wrote:Hmm, Hastur must concur the subject you query is obfuscated somewhat!

...or rather we have forgotten to specify anywhere! :oops: I shall resolve here (and make sure we put it in the final book!):

A characters damage adjustment (DA) from strength does not apply to the damage done with ordinary quality device propelled missiles such as arrows from bows and stockbows.
However, buying a 'good' quality device might (if specified at the time of construction) allow the DA to be used if the OM agrees. Obviously such a device would not be usable by someone without the same or higher DA.

Hope that makes sense? :)
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