Building my Excel Sheet (HP and Defensive weapon questions)

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Building my Excel Sheet (HP and Defensive weapon questions)

Postby Boneguard » Mon Sep 01, 2014 12:53 pm

HP Questions
boneguard wrote:I'm currently working on an Excel sheet where all you would have to do is plug in your stats and it would do the rest.

I have a few question.

For the Hit point: is it;

15+Con modifier+Will Modifier + ( 3 divided by Toughness rating) or;
15+Con modifier+Will Modifier + ( 3 multiplied by Toughness rating)?

I may have more question as time comes up.

HP Reply
Ant wrote:+3 Multiplied by Toughness Training. The more AP of Toughness Training, the more hit points

Defensive weapons Question
boneguard wrote:Thanks Ant.

It's what I thought. I simply wanted to double check to make sure I don't have my math wrong.

Another Question.
On p. 79 You indicate that Shield (and other specialised parrying weapon) have full parry and half the attack bonus.

What are the "Specialized parrying weapon"? Any weapon that gives a parry bonus or is there a specific subset?

Defensive weapons Reply
shorty_monster wrote:I'm not sure if there are any listed, but my character has a specialised parrying weapon in the form of a main gauche dagger. It works out parry/attack like a shield, but had to be specially commissioned for the character with the GM's approval. Cost a bloody fortune too, would have been cheaper to get a shield, but I had a specific idea in mind for the character.
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