Question About the "Robust" trait

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Question About the "Robust" trait

Postby Boneguard » Mon Sep 01, 2014 12:57 pm

boneguard wrote:In both the Deamon and Creature sections of the Corebook, you have the Robust trait:

Robust: The creature is particularly tough, or hulking
for its size. WC is calculated as if the daemon was one
size category larger than it is. See the appendix for
rules on designing new creatures..

And there,s no such appendix (at least I did not find it) and would like to make use of this rule.

So I was wondering, if would it be possible to have a glance of chart in order to help me with my creature.

fifty wrote:Ahh - well spotted - indeed the creature design rules were dropped for lack of space with the intention of putting them in the expanded Zoology (which we intend to do soon).

But for now here's the base WC by size list
(with earth comparisons for guidance):

Tiny 1 Mouse, Crab, Bird, Adder
Small 5 Cat, Dog, Komodo Dragon
Med 15 Man, Wolf, Crocodile, Pig
Large 25 Horse, Cow, Polar Bear
Huge 40 Elephant, Giraffe, Killer whale
Giant 55 Orca, T-Rex, Triceratops
Vast 75 Diplodocus
Uber 100 Blue Whale

boneguard wrote:Sounds good.

So most people with Dwarfism would propably still qualify as human size then.

Clarification reply
fifty wrote:Yep, You'd have to be 'mini-me' sized to drop down the cat I reckon.
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