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Site Rules

Postby Fifty » Mon Aug 25, 2014 7:57 pm

This forum is here to discuss the Orbis Terrarum RPG and chat about Role-playing, Wargaming and other Geeky subjects, and we have a few rules:

1. Only members may post on this Forum, anonymous postings are not allowed.
All members should post at least once in the member introductions section.

2. If it’s against the law or inciting don't do it.
e.g. Libel, racism, plagiarism, theft of intellectual property, etc.

3. If it’s rude, don't put a picture up of it.
There’s some leeway, but if its not safe for work, please do not post the picture, but a link with a label (Warning – Not Safe for Work – Of an Adult Nature).

4. If you are trying to upset or victimise someone, don’t do it!
We will not tolerate personal attacks, vendettas, abuse and threats of such within this site.

6. Public criticism of the moderation process is not allowed.
If you have any queries or complaints, please feel free to contact us directly via email or pm.
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