Underwater Combat in OT

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Underwater Combat in OT

Postby Boneguard » Wed Sep 03, 2014 11:52 pm

348 White wrote:Obviously some small weapons like knives and many thrusting weapons should function easily enough underwater but what about other man made weapons?

Currently I'm writing a piece which touches on the effects this environment has and detailing various methods, magical and mundane, that can be used to aid an adventurer. It includes a new rune and a cultural talent as well as compiling some notes detailing the relevant deamons and rules in the OT corerulebook.
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Re: Underwater Combat in OT

Postby Fifty » Fri Sep 05, 2014 10:57 pm

Hastur's proximity to the aquarian realm has inspired some investigation into this interesting proposition.

Hastur would conclude that for the most part non-suspirae would find themselves highly restricted in underwater activity unless highly proficient at swimming, and even those who are more skilled in aquatics would still face hindrance dependant on appropriateness of implement.

(so -20 for the "very-restricted" nature of someone fighting in and under-water who has 0 ranks of swimming. dropping to -10 for R1 swimmers and 0 for R3+. Weapon type adds a further penalty dependant on type 0 for piercing, -5 slashing and device missiles, -10 bludgeoning and thrown missiles, -15 for odd stuff like shield bashing etc.. also don't forget that most geomancy spells will be extremely hard/impossible!)
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Re: Underwater Combat in OT

Postby 348 White » Wed Sep 10, 2014 10:48 am

Bill pointed out that some piercing weapons that require sweeping actions will be relativly ineffective (eg the pick end of a jakbill) when compared to 'stabbing' devices like spears etc.

I suppose a harpoon would make a useful addition to rules on nautical combat.

Following is a snippet from the piece I am writing

Skilled vivisectionists can attempt to give a creature the ability to hold its breath for up to an hour but will require a LoS of 7. More skilled operations might be able to add fully functioning gills or fins which assist swimming to a creature. The callous and insane might choose to experiment in producing abominable hybrids called Meermeras which meld men and marine creatures such as a phoca or a vulpus.

Not sure I can justify writing zoological entry for both variants..which seems best choice: man/phoca, man/vulpus or a hybrid of all three?
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Re: Underwater Combat in OT

Postby 348 White » Wed Sep 10, 2014 11:08 pm

Stated out a man/phoca hybrid today.

Anyone got good ideas/stats for pills and potions to help with underwater adventures?
Likewise runetek Raphelian devices?
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